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Briar Vista Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


Student Virtual Toolbox

Digital Instructional Resources  --  DCSD provides access to several web-based resources that support teaching and learning.  This is a link to the instructional software programs and digital content currently available.  Many of these resources require a login and password, which is sent home periodically, or you can obtain it from the school

Microsoft Office Student Advantage

The DeKalb County School District has partnered with Microsoft to provide an opportunity for all students who are currently enrolled in DCSD to download and use Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus on up to five devices for free. Applications include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.

Downloading the Sofware
In order to download this software, each student must log into Microsoft’s interface with a designated username and password distributed by the school district. Once logged in, the student will be able to complete the download and installation process. The student will be able to keep these licenses as long as they are students enrolled in the DeKalb County School District.   **For the username and passwords, please see information being sent home with the students..

For further details, please visit the DCSD Student Advantage Website:

About Us

Drop off begins at 7:00 am
Students are tardy after 7:45 am
Dismissal begins at 2:10 pm

Many attributes and unique components distinguish Briar Vista Elementary from other public elementary schools including instructional methods, student and staff diversity, Montessori materials, and the multi-aged classes. Briar Vista is one of only two public Montessori schools in the DeKalb County School District with both Montessori and traditional-class tracks offered. The school is located in a diverse community and this diversity is reflected in Briar Vista’s student demographics.

Briar Vista follows the guiding Montessori principle of meeting the needs of the individual student. Students are challenged by the extensive curriculum, and all activities are hands-on, with the teacher serving as a guide. Instructional use of Montessori materials provides concrete representations of abstract concepts. Differentiated instruction addresses students’ needs, and is delivered through individual, small group and whole class presentations.The state curriculum is implemented using the Montessori approach.
The faculty and staff of Briar Vista are dedicated to providing a quality education to our boys and girls. The school's mission is to establish a strong foundation for all students by providing a safe, nurturing learning environment, enhanced with the use of developmentally appropriate resources,
enabling them to become life-long learners in a rapidly changing society.
School Goals
  • To improve student achievement in the area of Reading in Grades 1-5.
  • To improve student achievement in the area of Math on Standardized Assessment.
  • To improve Human Relations among all who are a part of the educational process.
Unique Assets
Briar Vista has a history of family and community support. Our PTO is extremely active. When there are strong ties between home and school, students are the ones who benefit. The businesses in the community have provided us with endless support to enrich our academic programs, and for this we are extremely grateful.
Dekalb County Mission
The mission of the DeKalb County School System is to form a collaborative effort between home and school that maximizes students’ social and academic potentialpreparing them to compete in a global society.

Briar Vista Elementary School Mission
With the support of our families and the community, Briar Vista will prepare an environment that uses the Montessori Approach to encourage self-reliance and life-long learning for all students in a global society.

Dekalb County Vision

“Premier DeKalb Schools – Setting the standard for Excellence through
unity and purpose”

Briar Vista Elementary School Vision
Briar Vista Elementary School’s vision is to cooperatively set goals that consider individual needs, provide enrichment and encourage communication of ideas and opinions within the school community.
We believe that students, teachers, parents, administrators and community members should work together to facilitate optimal educational results. We believe all children can learn, achieve, succeed and should be taught to function independently in society.